Pattern Review: Amigurumi Elephant

Pattern Review: Amigurumi Elephant

A quick, cute, and simple pattern by Chirkatoys

Okay y’all, no lie, I loved this pattern. Go get it. This elephant pattern is so cute that I cannot get over it.

It’s by Kate at Chirkatoys and she has a ton of adorable patterns.

You can check out my elephant and more of my makes on my Instagram.


I don’t have any critiques when it comes to this one y’all. It’s a really easy pattern that uses only simple stitches and some great techniques e.g. joining arms and legs as you go instead of having to line them up and sew them on later. Sewing is my least favorite part of amigurumi and this pattern makes it totally tolerable.

She also has a solid technique when it comes to shaping the face. I usually don’t do that kind of thing as I’m a bit of a lazy crocheter, but it takes about 10 seconds with her help.

There are lots of photos for guidance and you can always get in touch with her if you have any questions.

The only mod I made with this pattern was to the yarn and hook used.


I almost got away with only using one skein of my main color- I was so close! One ear short! If our skeins were bigger, I would have been golden- or if I used a smaller hook maybe. Who knows?

Either way, you won’t use a ton of yarn with this pattern either. I bought three skeins of Baby Bee “Adore-A-Ball” yarn (weight 5)- two skeins for my main color (pink) and one as the accent (white) for the feet. It was also 30% off yarn day so my bill was a whopping $11. Not too bad for a handmade stuffed animal. I also used an H-hook to get the size I wanted.

The pattern uses Himalaya brand yarn which we don’t have in the States- at least not that I can find. This is too bad because I see a lot of crocheters using it and I’m totally jealous. It’s a weight 6 yarn and you get about 130 yards per skein. You can find it on Etsy for fair prices, but I think shipping takes a while.

Final thoughts

I’m absolutely going to buy more of her patterns. I’ve got my eye on a cute unicorn that I fell in love with on her Instagram.

By the looks of her reviews, all of her patterns are pretty easy and she even markets them as such. I love this. I love using simple techniques that we all know to create things that only look complicated. I think from start to finish this little elephant took me about four hours and I’m a pretty slow crocheter.

You’d be hard pressed to find easier patterns that work up as quickly as hers and look as cute as they do. They’re priced fairly so check them out!

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