Hades from Lore Olympus Crochet Pattern

Hades from Lore Olympus Crochet Pattern

Aidoneus is ready to head out with Kore!

I finally finished a set! I always start with one character and then never get around to making their counterpart. Well, now that’s a thing of the past because Hades is done (months later)!

You can find my Hades and Persephone crochet patterns for sale in my Etsy shop. Grab the bundle for a little discount!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to give Lore Olympus a read. That’s what inspired these patterns. They’re purely a homage to the comic- I am in no way affiliated with Lore Olympus.

Please don’t resell my pattern or claim it as your own, but be sure to tag me in all of your creations! You can find me @CodysCraftCorner on Instagram.


Like Persephone, he’s very simple in his design. I used a larger hook to create the height difference but still used weight 4 yarn. That’s really the only yarn I use so I have to make patterns that work with it. I also think it’s more commonly available and inexpensive, at least here in the US, so I try to make all my patterns with that in mind. I don’t want these to cost $50 in materials alone.

There are no complicated techniques, just time-consuming ones e.g. the hair. This pattern would probably be suitable for an intermediate-beginner and up.



I use less than a full skein of each kind of yarn.

  1. Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek in Teal Blue
  2. Yarn Bee Mini Maker in Light Blue
  3. Crafter’s Secret in Black and White


  • G-4.25mm Hook


  1. Yarn needle for sewing
  2. Stitch markers
  3. Black felt
  4. 14mm safety eyes
  5. 18-in floral wire
  6. Scissors

I’m also wondering who I should make next? These characters are great as stash-busting projects since they don’t use a lot of yarn and are brightly colored. Maybe all of Hades' dogs? Daphne, our favorite flower nymph? Hera, even though I’m not sure I have any yellow yarn? Oh well, time to go shopping I guess.

I will keep everyone updated on Instagram if I decide to make more of the cast, but for now, I hope you all enjoy Persephone and Hades!

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