Yarn Rant – I don’t like Yarnbee Luxe Lollies

Yarn Rant – I don’t like Yarnbee Luxe Lollies

I don’t like Yarnbee Luxe Lollies.

It’s like crocheting with hair.

If you follow this blog at all, you’ll know that I used to do rants about seemingly harmless things that I just did not care for. Those tapered off as I tried not complaining as much and moved more into crafting tutorials.

Well, guess what’s back?

Since I’m doing about 38723% more crafting these days, I’m going through quite a bit of my yarn stash. I had this single skein of luxe lollies that I got on super sale at Hobby Lobby a while ago. It was about $2 versus it’s normal $7ish price tag. I’d been eyeing them for a while because I thought the colors were nice and they were packaged super cute.

I only got one skein because they’re over 500 yards and I didn’t have a project in mind for it. I figured that that would be long enough for most things anyway. Kind of how you can whip up a scarf from one skein of Lion Brand Mandala yarn.

I’m sure it would have been enough, but I just didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. I have enough scarves and wearables, plus we’re quickly approaching summer here in Texas. I decided to make some amigurumi with it.

So, let me preface this by saying that I really think this yarn is intended for making clothing. This was my mistake, but I’m still mad about it.

Like I said at the top of this post, this yarn is like crocheting with hair. It’s silky, slippery, thin, and all the fibers separate incredibly easily. It’s a pretty slow process to make anything with it because I had to be rather gentle so as to not pull any unwanted fibers through my stitches. That happened anyway of course.

This yarn also does not hold its shape very well. It’s super flimsy. When it came time to stuff my projects, it was very difficult to keep their shape as the yarn held no structure. Then, when I finally finished stuffing, all the stitches stretch out and you get those big holes. I hate that. I like a nice, solid piece.

I wish the color changes would happen more often. I wanted my squid to have a little bit of color variation, but the blue just kept on coming. This is just a personal gripe and not really the yarn’s fault, but still.

I had way too much. This was truly the skein that never ended. I don’t like having too much scrap yarn, because I never know what to do with it. It’s not like you can take that last 200 yards and make a sweater. I kept looking up projects to try and bust through this thing so I could be done with it.

One good thing about it though is that it’s really soft. So that’s nice I guess.

Personally, I’m glad this yarn is discontinued so I’m never tempted to buy another skein. All the colors were so pretty and you get a tooooon to work with, but it’s just such a hassle. If you have been crafting with it, let me know how it’s been for you.

Look at these adorable idiots. This is all from one skein and I still have some left.

Here are the patterns I used for these guys:
Baby Humpback Whale
Little chicks
Hubble the Squid

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