Diving into the world of Notion templates

Diving into the world of Notion templates

Yet another new craft to add to my repertoire

My husband has always been a fan of Notion and has written about them on his own blog quite a bit. When he came to me to see if I’d like to start designing Notion templates I really didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. I knew what Notion was, but I didn’t realize there was this whole world of templates you could create from scratch to help people get organized.

We all already know that I enjoy making woodworking plans and crochet patterns for digital releases. It keeps costs down and I like getting creative when making my PDFs- as well as the projects themselves.

Making Notion templates seemed like a natural transition. You get to be creative and you can make one about anything you want. People need templates for all kinds of things like house reno, life, working out, dog schedules, and plants.

I am loving making these templates. It’s so much fun and you can make them all within Notion itself! I’ve completed two templates so far and they’re available for purchase on my Gumroad page.

My first one is a plant planner or plant tracking app. You keep up with all of your plant’s watering schedules, light requirements, photos, propagation notes, and more. I tried to make it fun and really cute!

My second Notion template is for all things concerning your house. There’s a to-do list, reno ideas, contractor bids, an integrated project calendar, and space to keep track of documents during the home buying process.

Both are fairly simple when it comes to templates, but they’re also priced simply!

If you have any ideas of what other kinds of Notion templates I could make, feel free to get in touch!

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