Free Pattern: Kawaii Bear Phone Case

Free Pattern: Kawaii Bear Phone Case

A quick, cute, and FREE crochet pattern!

I felt creative but didn’t want to start a big, new project. Something small was in order. So, I decided to scroll through Pinterest and try to find some inspiration for a new phone case. There were a lot of cute ideas, but they were not exactly what I wanted.

As always, I decided to make my own and you can too.


  1. G-hook
  2. Light brown, pink, black, and white yarn (all weight 4)
  3. Yarn needle


SC - single crochet
MR - magic ring
Inc - increase
Sts - stitch
Ch - chain
Slst - slip stitch
RND - round
ROW - row


As a note, I have a Pixel 7 so that’s what this case fits. It’s easily customizable, however. Make a starting chain as wide as your phone then crochet as many rounds up as you need to get the right height.


In light brown.

Ch. 14

RND 1: 3 SC inc in 2nd chain from hook
-SC across until last ch.
-3 SC inc in last ch. and turn
-Then SC along opposite side of starting chain until you reach first SC inc.

RND 2-??: SC around until you reach desired height. Mine is about 27 rounds.

Ears (make 2)

In light brown

6 SC in MR

ROW 1: Ch. 1 and turn. Inc around (12 sts)

Finish off and leave long tail for sewing.


In white

6 SC in MR

RND 1: Inc around (12 sts)

RND 2: (SC, Inc) around (18 sts)

Finish off and leave long tail for sewing.


-Use black yarn to sew nose and mouth onto white snout before attaching to case. Then, position it where you’d like and sew it into place.

-Sew ears onto the top of your case.

-Use black yarn to create “V” shape eyes.

-Use pink yarn for blush.

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