Pattern Review: Amigurumi Horse (Unicorn)

Pattern Review: Amigurumi Horse (Unicorn)

Reviewing another pattern by Chirkatoys!

UPDATE: I decided to use this pattern for her horn! I used an E-hook and fairly thin, sparkly, gold yarn. I have no idea what weight it is as I’ve had it for years, but it’s at least a weight 3.

I couldn’t help myself. The second I finished Hades, I bought the yarn and pattern I needed to make Chirkatoys' super cute unicorn.

I previously reviewed her elephant pattern as well.

I absolutely fell in love with this little unicorn on her Instagram and knew I had to make her for myself.

These patterns are so wonderful. They use simple techniques and work up so quickly that they make great, last-minute gifts if you’re a crocheter who works well under pressure.


The pattern itself is very similar to the elephant. It consists of all single crochet stitches (plus a few slip stitches) and works up quickly. I used a J-hook throughout.

You once again attach the limbs as you work the body so there is minimal sewing and lining things up. She also has a great technique for shaping the face.

In particular, I thought the ears were both clever and very cute. They look complicated but are quite the opposite. You could also make and use these for a costume!


I don’t usually order yarn. It can be expensive, and I don’t find myself needing that much for any given project to justify the cost/shipping.

However, I needed all-new yarn for this project. I knew I wanted to make it soft and squishy and the majority of my yarn is weight 4, so it’s a little bit more difficult to make large projects.

I knew this pattern used Himalaya yarn, but I’m skeptical about ordering it because shipping takes so long to the US. I was concerned I would be short and have to order more, but I also didn’t want to order too much right off the bat.

I found an alternative yarn that I think is very comparable to the Himalaya brand. I bought seven skeins of Premier Yarns Parfait Chunky in bubblegum, lilac, seaside, tangerine, key lime, and white.

Their website has a minimum order ($75) to qualify for free shipping and shipping costs $11. They also sell through Walmart and the shipping is free no matter the order size. The downside here is you will not get the points you would if you ordered through their website. However, you can get some cashback if you shop using Rakuten!

I wanted something textured for her hair and ended up getting one skein of Bernat Pipsqueak yarn in candy girl. I’ve never used it before, but it looked like the textured yarn she used for her horse.

It’s super soft, but beware! IT SHEDS. Be sure to have a vacuum ready to go when you’re done. It’s also quite thin, so I had to use two strands per stitch for the hair.

Final thoughts

I don’t think mine turned out quite as cute as the pattern maker’s, but that’s on me. I’m not super good at amigurumi details and my yarn selection is limited.

However, this pattern is great. You technically have the option between three different animals (horse, donkey, or zebra) and she guides you through the process of making each.

If you want to make the unicorn as I did, she has the color combos in the pattern as well. The unicorn uses the “horse” pattern. The only thing I’m having trouble with is finding a suitable horn! I’m probably going to have to crochet a little something.

UPDATE again: Here’s a close-up of her new horn:

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