Review: DIY Blanket Ladder

Review: DIY Blanket Ladder

Reviewing a blanket ladder tutorial by

First, here’s the link to Angela Marie Made’s tutorial for a DIY blanket ladder you can make yourself in an afternoon. I don’t think wood is as cheap as it was when this was written, but it’s still an incredibly affordable option if you’re a little bit handy. The tools are simple and there are no complex cuts or expensive equipment needed. The result is a large, functional piece that you can paint or stain to go with any decor.

I like reviewing projects because it grows my own skills as well as figuring out how to make my DIYs better.

I’ve been looking for some kind of blanket display for a while and liked the idea of a ladder because they’re tall, so they make a statement in a room, but they also have a low profile. I also enjoy crocheting, so I have a few handmade blankets I’d like to show off.


Overall, I don’t have any complaints or critiques about this project. It’s simple and to the point and she does a great job explaining each step. There is also an accompanying video as well as a free PDF of her plans.

I’m happy this project uses spade bits. I bought a set for a previous project of mine and haven’t needed them since. It was fun to get them out again.

For me, the toughest part was aligning the pegs into the second board after gluing them into the first. It also doesn’t help that cheaper wood is usually pretty warped and when you get one side in, the other side pops out. Working top-down like that is a pain, but I don’t know a better way to do it.

The other tough part was staining, but I don’t like staining anyway. It’s messy, smelly, time-consuming, and takes forever to dry. Bleh.

I think if I were to remake this project I would screw in the rungs to the sides. I trust wood glue, but there’s potential for this to become loose over time. Predrill a hole through the side and into the rung, then drill in a small screw. You can hide the screw hole with wood filler or a small dowel.

Regardless of any modifications I’d make, this is a super cute DIY. You can build it in an afternoon and it creates a large statement piece that can work in with just about any decor.

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